Why you should use Send-It Confidential

Privacy and Security

FileCabinetWe all need the right to privacy to conduct business. Send-It Confidential allows you to choose whether your message is 'on the record' or 'off the record'. You can send messages that can only be viewed once or that will be automatically deleted from the recipient’s inbox after a specified date. You can send attachments 'Locked Down' or give recipient's full control over the attachments. It's up to you, you are in control.

No Attachment size limits

Email AttachmentEasily send large files with complete security and faster than FTP. There is no limit to the size of files attached to Send-It Confidential messages.

high quality graphical messages

Hi Quality Graphical MessagesWith traditional email, recipients often block pictures due to security concerns, and your rich graphical messages may arrive almost unreadable. Send-It Confidential offers fully featured graphical messages with no security limitations, resulting in more effective communication. When you send a graphical message, it will be delivered looking exactly as you sent it.


PlanetUnlike traditional email applications, Send-It Confidential can be used from hotels, airports and other locations without reconfiguring addressing. Send-It Confidential can be used inside highly secured networks such as government or financial services networks, using port 80.

full audit trail and download reports

Audit Trail'On the record' messages offer full download reports, including details of when a recipient downloaded a message, viewed a message or downloaded an attachment; IP addresses, DNS records and computer names. These reports are tamper proof - the records are stored in an encrypted database on the web server and cannot be modified by recipients. Email as evidence is increasingly being attacked in court and Send-It Confidential offers a far superior evidential record, if required.


TrainingThe Send-It Confidential user interface is very similar to standard email applications such as Outlook, enabling you and your team to start using Send-It Confidential immediately, no training required.

Single Instance storage for attachments

Single InstancingSend-It Confidential has a highly sophisticated single instancing functionality - if an attachment is sent to more than one recipient or attached to more than one message, Send-It Confidential will only store a single, compressed and encrypted copy of the attachment on the Send-It Confidential server. For example, you send out a 1 gb, full color product brochure to your sales department and customers. With traditional email, this would be an enormous amount of data to store in email and email archiving and the brochure would probably be printed as hard copy and mailed out at very high cost.  Send-It Confidential's single instance storage means you can send full color brochures to a large customer base at a very low cost so you could do this on a regular basis.

a simple, secure alternative to ftp

DownloadNo setup or management required. Simply send a message with attachments and mark the message as a 'Download' message. 'Download' messages are displayed in a separate folder and contain attachments that are available for download long term. The attachments will not be downloaded until the recipient chooses to download them, and if connectivity is lost mid download, Send-It Confidential will restart the download from the point at which the connection was lost without needing the current session to be persisted.    

no installation required

No Installation RequiredSend-It Confidential is a virtualized application that does not require installation. It is simply dropped onto the hard drive - deployment is trivial.