Send-It Confidential Technical Features

Data Encryption

Encryption Send-It Confidential encrypts all messages and attachments using 256 bit AES Encryption before sending them to the mail server. On the mail server, data is stored in an Intersystems Common Criteria Certified Level 3 Database, which adds an additional layer of encryption for all records in the database.

Secure Document Viewer

Memory backed Document Messages and attachments (depending on attachment permissions) are stored encrypted on the recipient's drive. When the recipient views the message, it is decrypted in memory and displayed in a memory backed viewer - there are no decrypted temp files.

Import Distribution Lists from Outlook, Exchange, LDAP

Distribution Lists Import distribution lists from Outlook, Exchange and LDAP or create new distribution lists within Send-It Confidential.

J2EE Architecture

J2EESend-It Confidential connects via HTTP to a J2EE 6 Application Server in a 3 tier architecture. Because Send-It Confidential only communicates with ODBC, JDBC or Send-It Confidential Data Marshalling, firewalls in the architecture can protocol filter to allow only these protocols for absolute security. Unlike Outlook, Send-It Confidential can be used from hotels, airports and other locations without reconfiguring the addressing. Send-It Confidential ensures connections from a hotel room or even an internet cafe are secure.


LDAPDedicated database and standalone versions of Send-It Confidential offer LDAP support. Users can log in using their network login and Send-It Confidential will securely verify the login against the LDAP server on your network.  Oracle OID is also supported

Application Virtualization - No Installs

VirtualisationApplication virtualization removes all UAC and administrator access issues on Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Send-It Confidential has its own on board registry and embedded 3.5 SP 1 .NET framework. The software can be downloaded from the web and deployed without installation. A self extracting exe drops it onto the hard drive and launches the application - its ready to run immediately.

Communities Access

Replica Confidential LogoSupports an unlimited number of connections to Communities from a single instance. Supports the launching of multiple instances from the same SendItConfidential.exe virtualized app.

Full Text Searches

Full Text Search Full Text Google style searching capability for messages and attachments.