Send-It Confidential - Where can You Use it.

Send-It Confidential can be used anywhere that data security is required and you want to stop the unexpected creepage of sensitive data outside of your control.  You would also use Send-It Confidential to avoid the limitations of traditional email. For example, most mail servers have attachment size limited to 3 mb or so. When you need to send a larger file you need to use the companies FTP server which means the recipient must have access to the server (configure an FTP client) and know the location of the file on the server which is now completely unconnected to the message you sent the recipient to let them know the file is available.

You might also like to avoid other disadvantages to traditional email such as SPAM, hackers, disabled functionality to prevent creation of  high quality graphical messages and the cost and vulnerability of email archiving legislation. The Send-It Confidential system is not email, it's a private, invitation only communication system and is not a public domain.

Send-It Confidential in the Law Practice

Law firms create enormous volumes of data in their business and this data is all sensitive. The problem of moving large files between the firm and their clients is either costly, unsecured courier delivery or unsafe internet based file transfer. This is a recipe for disaster and also a great opportunity for the law firm to use Send-It Confidential to stand out in the market and be seen as a firm that takes the security of client data seriously.

Because Send-It Confidential uses port 80, that is, the internet to connect to the Send-It Confidential server you can connect from any internet connection including internet cafe's and hotel rooms or even the courthouse with complete security. Full text searching means you can search all the case data in seconds by word or phrase and in 36 languages even over a wireless connection. If your laptop is stolen you lose no data at all and this data is immediately accessible from other hardware.

Send-It Confidential in Medicine

Medical practitioners send and share  sensitive medical records over email and store data on their laptops etc, and we all know this is dangerous. Why don't they have a completely secure private network to do this? Well, now they have it and it can be established in just a couple of hours. Integrating Send-It Confidential into hospital networks and medical practice software is simple.  Send-It Confidential is the best solution to securing mobile data in use by Doctors and Medical staff in hospitals and practices.

Secure News Letters and Information Subscriptions

Consider a paid financial services news letter which provides expert commentary on the share market. Send-It Confidential can secure this information so it isn't simply emailed free all over the web and also provide some extremely useful additional functionality to subscribers to add value to their subscription. For example, full text searching is included in the system so users could seach all of the news letters they have received (all listed in the Send-It Confidential interface) and search for specific information for a specific company, an industry or technology or even people by name. Use Send-It Confidential to protect your intellectual property while delivering a better service to your readership.

Online Training

Manage access to training material preventing illegal distribution of valuable intellectual property. Access to training data can be time sensitive and removed from the subscriber drive when the subscription lapses. Send-It Confidential can remove access to material based on an individually set period. Use Send-It Confidential to accept credit card payments to extend access and purchase of course material.